Hi, I'm Jenny!

I help small businesses and nonprofits design beautiful + strategic websites that showcase your business and turn visitors into clients and donors.

Grab my checklist for ways you can turn visitors into clients & donors and grow your income.

Does any of this sound like you?​​

You’re looking for a web designer who:​

But dealing with tech is challenging.

And with such a small staff there’s just no time to get things done. You really want to be focusing on is on the work you do, serving your clients, and not worrying about a website.

That’s where I come in. 

For those wanting a quick turn-around

Book Me For The Day

My accelerated service is for those who are short on time but are looking to make a big impact. Let’s create a new website, give your website a refresh, get up a sales or landing page or finish your growing to-do list. All in a day. 

FOR Small Businesses and Nonprofits

WordPress Website Design

My signature design service creates sites that are not only beautiful but also strategic so you can communicate your impact, generate more clients + donations and increase support. 

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8 ways to attract clients & donors

Want to improve on the site that you already have to wow clients and donors and inspire them to book with you or make a donation? Grab my website checklist for 8 places you can audit on your site.

12 free and easy updates

This short tutorial walks you through 12 free + easy (I promise) updates that you can do today to immediately enhance your website and start generating income.