What is Yearly?

Yearly was founded on a basic premise — most nonprofits spend a significant amount of time and money producing an annual report for donors and others. It’s generally used for marketing and often doesn’t adequately showcase results. Why not help nonprofits create digital reports with lots of bells and whistles, like polls and videos, the kind of attention-grabbing features you couldn’t include with your basic pdf?

Yearly is a web-based application to create interactive, digital annual reports. You can upload photos, videos, stories, and data and make your annual report shine. It’s similar to a Canva but for Annual Reports. But what’s cool is that you can integrate social media, link to your donation form, and poll your audience and keep your users engaged. You can then link to the report on your website and users can interact with it. 

My Review of Yearly

Years ago in my prior life as a marketing director, I remember the days of creating my report in Adobe Indesign (pre-Canva) and then trying to somehow get that .pdf up on the website for visitors to enjoy. What they saw was a flat document that wasn’t interactive. And a .pdf viewer was required.

Flash forward to now. Developed as a storytelling tool, Yearly allows nonprofits, foundations, and associations to engage their audiences and build support from stakeholders, donors, and community members. I signed up for a Yearly account in June and just got around to creating my Annual Report. To be honest, I loved it. I’m all about free and easy to use tools that can share your impact with the world. Yearly is just that.

I found the interface straightforward to use. There were multiple layout options, text choices, and different widgets you can embed. I was able to easily add a recent Facebook post and even include a poll in my report. You can upload your images or utilize their library which is quite extensive. There is an option to add buttons to donate and for my purposes, I adapted it into a contact button.

The one thing I noticed is that occasionally the application didn’t do exactly what you ask it to do on the first click. But if you click around and then try again, it works. But that is such a minor drawback to an incredible and powerful tool.

How to Start Using Yearly

Any organization or individual can now sign up for Yearly and gain full access to create unlimited digital reports. There are also premium add ons available including Visual Design, Print-Ready .pdf (if you do require printing), copywriting, concierge services, and digital promotions. I highly recommend that you check it out. It’s one of the coolest storytelling tools I’ve stumbled upon. 

I can’t wait to see how you design your story!

I know you can do it!

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