Have you ever gone to your website and discovered that something was broken? You might have wondered, how did I not know this and how long has it been broken for without me noticing?

Or perhaps you’ve been busy focusing on the day to day tasks of running your business and just haven’t had the time to revisit your website since the day you launched it. The  reality is that your website is not done once you click publish.

Yes, this is me!

This happens to us a lot more often than most of us are willing to admit, but it probably feels overwhelming to sift through your entire website and make sure that everything is working properly. Where do you even begin?

I’m going to help you conduct your own free website audit to catch these things. The goal? To improve on the site that you already have to wow clients and donors and inspire them to book with you or make a donation.

Ready to get started?

The first step is to open your website in an incognito window. This will load the site as a new visitor without any of your stored preferences.

How long did that take to open? Were you frustrated waiting for it to load or did it just open up right away?

Now take a visual assessment. How do things look? Anything out of place or broken?

And what about pop-ups? Do they work as intended or do they get in the way of your content?

From here there are 8 focus areas to go through as you browse your website. The updates in each will result in an improved visitor experience to help convert your leads into clients and donors.

Want to attract clients & donors?

Grab my website checklist for 8 places you can audit on your site to
book more clients and secure more donations.

How to use this checklist

Going over this list, you are about to maybe find things that you don’t know how to change on your website. That’s okay! Start with what you know. And there will be a bunch. Promise!! 

You can use the notes section at the end of the checklist or a time management app (I use Asana) and make a plan of when you’ll be able to work on these items and what is most important.

Prioritize like this:

  • What can be fixed by you
  • What you can hire out eventually
  • What’s urgent and you need to take care of sooner rather than later.

Don’t get overwhelmed if you notice a bunch of items that need work. That’s okay. Just make a list and start to tackle the urgent items. A few small changes can make a big difference and you will start turning your website visitors into clients and donors.

I am a web designer for small businesses, solopreneurs, and nonprofits. Like you, I find myself with only so many hours in a day to get things done. Website design, marketing and tech tools are my thing and I am truly passionate about you get the best results without all the tech overwhelm. Let’s chat and see how I can help you.