I’m so very excited to introduce you to Jordan Pitzen’s updated brand and website. Jordan is a super talented interior designer based in Wilmington, Massachusetts. She has years of experience styling and that really shines through on her new website!

Through this project, Jordan and I chatted over video calls, emails and voice memos, and her fun personality was infectious. She has so much enthusiasm and passion for styling. And her designs are stunning. It was fun to get to bring that all into one awesome website.  

If her brand were a place, it would be from the south incorporating the architecture, palm trees and weather. And her favorite fruit is pineapple. Which, we of course, had to bring into the design.

Her website is clean, simplistic, modern, and neutral with colors. And her favorite part is the overall design and the representation of her brand. 

Our project incorporated over 40 posts from her previous blog encompassing her design style since 2006!! WOW! We did a lot of fun stuff like integrating a shop her home and instagram feed. Her site is now set up to where her website does a lot of the heavy lifting for her to book the clients and set up appointments.

Let's get into a little Q & A with Jordan about her new branding and website!

Q: How do you think this updated look will impact your business?

 “This will not only drive more traffic to my website but I really think it will monetize my business and elevate my clientele.”

Q. What was your favorite part of working together?

“I LOVE the video tutorials Jenny records and sends to show you what she is working on or how to create something. They are so helpful and personalized. Jenny is also so great about updating you on where she is with your website process and also so patient with any questions you have at all throughout the website design.

Here are a few more sweet words from Jordan….

That's a wrap!

If you are in need of some help transforming your house into a home you MUST talk to Jordan. And she always shares some super fun tips on her Instagram profile.

See the website live!

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