The holidays are such a busy and exciting time for everyone, albeit a bit different this year. I thought I’d share this Holiday Gift List with you because these are all items I would love to receive and think other entrepreneurs would as well. 🙂  Enjoy!


If you know me, Google Calendar and Asana are my bff’s. BUT I do still have a pencil and paper planner. Something about writing things down just makes it that much more important. My planner helps me keep track of upcoming meetings, due dates, and plan my week usually on Sundays. I use the Happy Planner but there are so many great options out there.


Etsy is such a huge business resource. The possibilities are endless. For example, stickers for your planner (as mentioned above), candles, gifts, new fonts, templates, graphics, the list goes on and on.


Books are one of my favorite things. It’s one of my personal goals to find time to read every day. Here are a few books that really got me going:


For the last couple of months, I’ve been focusing on taking time out to breathe. Too much stress can lead to burnout. And just a few moments of calm each day can really help. A HeadSpace or Calm App subscription might be just what is needed.


In the winter my office is super chilly. And for that, I always have a super cozy knit throw blanket ready on the back of my chair. I don’t think anyone can ever have enough cozy blankets.


This is on my list for this year. My desk is small but I do have room for one frame. And it would be so wonderful to have more than one photo to look at. Seeing photos of your family + friends is sure to bring you to a place of joy and gratitude. And would be the perfect addition to anyone’s desk.


We all know how important it is to drink your water. This is a great stainless steel insulated bottle that is cute and better for the environment. I always have my bottle on my desk throughout the day.


You can’t wrap this one and put it under the tree, but it is a good one. Referrals can be life-changing for small business owners. It would be amazing to see inquiries about my services referred by my friends + family. It’s always so special to know you have a group of people supporting you. Who can you recommend this holiday season? 

And there you go. I hope you found a few good ideas for the small business owner in your life. Happy Holidays! 

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