I first met Liz in March right after the pandemic started. She was in the process of transitioning from in person personal training to offering virtual services. Together we kicked off her first webinar which was the start of her journey to becoming a life coach. 

The Website Refresh

Liz is a go-getter and makes things happen. She had previously set up and maintained her website. However, she knew it was time to get some professional guidance as her brand had transitioned and she needed a clear call to action for her visitors. 



The entire refresh took three weeks and my design was built with her updated brand identity. The home page features photos of Liz with a simple call to action. We also incorporated her immense video tutorial library in a new resources section. 

Clean, Clear, + Concise

The new design is clean, clear and concise. It drives visitors to book a free laser consultation service with Liz. The first step in her journey with potential clients. It also encourages people to join her email marketing list to continue the know, like and trust factor with visitors long after they leave her site.

Liz is a wonderful person and an inspirational mindset coach. If you know of any millennials in need of some direction, please be sure to send them to Liz.

Think You Need Help?

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