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  • what is an irresistible freebie

    What is an irresistible freebie?

    When I jump on a strategy call with all my clients to discuss their web design projects one of my questions is, “do you have an irresistible freebie?  So, today I figured I’d explain exactly what an irresistible freebie is! My job as a web designer is to create a beautiful but more importantly, a […]

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  • Website Dos + Don’ts

    Here are 12 web design dos and don’ts that can make a huge difference in whether you can turn your visitors into clients or donors.

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  • Why Regular Website Maintenance is Important

    When you log into your website do you see warnings to update your plugins, theme, or WordPress version? Unsure of what this means or what to do? You’re not alone. Let’s chat about: Why updating your WordPress website is important, What your maintenance should include, Free tools to assist you with updates, And how your […]

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