What to expect when we work together

Clear expectations are the key to success. Please review this information and keep these as a reference throughout your project.

My Availability

I hold office hours Monday - Thursday 9am to 2pm EST​

Designing Days: The bulk of my designing will be done on Tuesdays + Wednesdays each week. I batch my workdays, and claim Tuesdays + Wednesdays as my client-work day. (I check in with all my clients on Tuesdays, so you’ll hear from me about your status on Tuesdays if we don’t speak before then.)

Meeting Days: If you’d like to chat via Zoom or phone, let me know and I’ll send you the link for a Thursday chat session with a time that works for you. Exceptions can always be made, but batching and scheduling calls keeps my designing flow from being interrupted, and allows me to serve my clients as best as I can.


Email Response Time: My typical response time is 24–48 hours, except fridays, during weekends, holidays, and vacations. I observe all federal holidays as well as the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. I also take some vacation time off throughout the year. If I am away, the auto-response on my email and voicemail will note the day of my return.

Project Communication: During your project, we’ll use Google Drive to communicate. This helps me keep all the details about your project in one place! (Don’t worry … I’ll show you what you need to know). Please message me in Google Doc whenever you have a question—I love email, but I want to make SURE all your questions are housed in one thread.